Proficient HR Practitioner for over 30 years:

“As a business professional, Diane Arthur is someone I highly regard as an interviewing, hiring and HR expert. But what really sets her apart is her ability to relay that knowledge and information to anyone attending her seminars or even while having casual conversation. She is very engaging, thought provoking and personable and that combination allows you to absorb the most pertinent of information with ease. I highly recommend a consultation or training with Diane not just for HR professionals but also anyone that is involved in the recruiting, interviewing or hiring processes - and I especially recommend it to the individuals who think that their hiring methods can't be improved upon.” (Tom P.)


Workshop leader, consultant, and lecturer in numerous HR-related topics:

“Diane is a wealth of knowledge in all Human Resources topics. The examples she gave from her experience as a human resources professional allowed participants to apply the course topics to real life situations. Not only was this helpful in making the topics relevant, it also kept the class engaged. Diane’s outgoing personality made her approachable and allowed for constant group discussion. I highly recommend taking a course lead by Diane.” (Cathy P.)


Accomplished author of HR articles, self-study programs, and books:

Book publications include: six editions of Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees (also published in Colombia, the People’s Republic of China, India, and Mainland China); The First-Time Manger’s Guide to Performance Appraisals (also published in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan); The Employee Recruitment & Retention Handbook; The Complete Human Resources Writing Guide; two editions of Managing Human Resources in Small and Mid-Sized Companies; Workplace Testing: An Employer’s Guide to Policies and Practices.

 “…Diane Arthur’s 30 years of practical experience working with a diverse group of small and large companies in multiple industries gives her the expertise to write about what it takes to hire the “best fit” for any job no matter what environment the reader works in.”  (Richard F.) 


“I have been using Diane Arthur’s book as a textbook for my Human Resources course for the past 2 years. I teach this course for international students who have found it easy to read and insightful. It is written in a unique way which makes it engaging, containing dialogues and anecdotes which help students really connect with the content. If you are looking for a textbook that students will actually enjoy reading this is the one." (Ivonne C.)