About Diane Arthur

Founder and President

“Diane Arthur’s expertise in human resources

is matched only by her exceptional ability to

communicate - with insight, humor, and

compassion - the issues at the heart of this

discipline. She explores the complex legal,

financial, and institutional factors that are

key to the development of a world-class

human resources function with clarity

and the conviction borne of deep experience.

Highly recommended.” (Ann B.)

“Having been an HR executive for 25 years,

rarely have I come across someone with the

HR knowledge base of Diane Arthur. I can

say with great confidence that Diane has a

unique way of making her subject matter easy

to understand and relatable especially in light

of the changing and important role of today’s

HR professional.” (Sandy S.)

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  • Faculty member, course developer, Wall of Fame honoree, and highly rated long-time speaker for the American Management Association

  • Faculty member of Operation Enterprise, offering young adults and veterans job preparedness skills

“Diane's execution through participant engagement was exceptional.” (Jared C.)


“Outstanding trainer, with wonderful knowledge of employment laws and all HR functions including, but not limited to: staff development, organizational development, changing corporate culture, and developing employee programs.” (Tricia S.)